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Clash Tips is a site to review your own performance in League of Legends Clash games as well as scout opposing teams to get the upper hand in draft.

I created Clash Tips at the end of 2020 as a replacement to my spreadsheet detailing all of my past Clash matches. At first the site was just a way to automatically generate this report to know what I should pick in the future, but I realized it could be used for much more such as scouting opponents, calculating recommended bans, etc.
Q: This seems interesting and I'd love to help!
Great! I'm glad you're liking the site, there are several ways you can help:
  • Give me feedback on the site
  • Report any bugs you find
  • Join the discord channel and give input on feature ideas and vote on what features you want next
  • Support the site long-term through patreon
  • Buy me a coffee :)
  • If you want to contribute to the site through programming or design then you can message me on discord and we can talk through things
Q: What does 'Enemy Bans' and 'Ally Bans' mean?
Lets say you looked up 'Faker'. 'Enemy Bans' are the champions Faker's opposing team banned against faker. 'Ally Bans' are the champions Faker & his team banned. All of the win rates you see there are for Faker. So if you see 'Enemy Bans: Leblanc | 12 games | 63% win rate' that means there were 12 games where the team opposing Faker banned leblanc and Faker won 63% of those games (on a champion that was NOT Leblanc)
Q: Why does it say I've only played X Clash games? I've played more than that
There are a couple reasons, mainly limitations on getting games from the Riot API
  • Games through the API are normally only available for 2 years after they were played
  • If you look up a player on Clash.Tips all Clash games found will be permanently stored in my database. For financial reasons I don't check for new games all the time so you will need to actively look yourself up again when you play more games
Q: Will you support ARAM Clash?
Because ARAM clash doesn't involve normal drafting I don't see as much benefit to storing them. If you disagree, feel free to message me on discord to talk about it.
Q: Why does it say I only have X games played on this champion in Ranked? I've played more than that.
While Clash games are stored permanently, Ranked games are not due to financial reasons. Whenever you look up a player it pulls 15 of their most recent Flex or Solo/Duo games. I would love to show more but this should give a good balance of knowing recently played champions as well as lower cost to run the site
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